Dr. Lacara believes in relationship-driven preventive health care where the practice size is kept deliberately small, enabling more attentive, convenient care just like the "old-time" family doctor provided. The doctor-patient relationship is the core of her practice. She truly partners with her patients as a family doctor, advisor, confidante and friend, always there for you when you need her. 

If you are interested in this level of personalized, comprehensive care and are looking for a family doctor and primary care physician to partner with you through sickness and health, then click here to become a member of our concierge medicine practice. We will be happy to welcome you to our family. 

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How We Differ

"Comprehensive Family Medicine Minus the Red Tape"

The doctor patient relationship is the core of the practice. A true partner in your healthcare.

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Personalized Care

From a physician who takes the time to get to know you, by limiting the practice size to a few hundred, we are able to tailor your treatment to you.

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Your own personal physician available 24/7. Contact your doctor when you need in the way that suits you best; text, email or skype. Same or next day visits guaranteed.

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Our Patients Say it Best

Unfortunately, not everyone has you as their doctor. When I leave your office, I know you took the time to thoroughly look in to all scenarios and solutions and the root cause. But besides that, you make me feel like I'm visiting my family and someone who gives a damn. I don't feel like a number. Keep doing what you do and never change. I am blessed/lucky to have you as my doctor.
Tom F

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