Membership Medicine, Concierge Medicine, Personalized Primary Care in Fairfield

When was the last time your doctor spent more than 10 minutes with you? Do you feel comfortable calling your primary care doctor’s cell phone after-hours because you have a minor health concern or need good advice? When was the last time your family doctor visited you at your home or office because you needed care and couldn’t get to the doctor’s office?

Dr. Dena Lacara is the kind of family doctor who does all of the above and much more for her patients. After 10 years in a large practice where she handled over 3,500 patient-visits every year, she decided to be a world-class primary care physician to hundreds of patients instead of an adequate doctor to thousands. She makes herself available to her patients 24/7 via phone, email, text or Skype. She helps people overcome all kinds of health challenges and transform their lives. She is a true, active partner in her patients’ care. Not someone who writes you a quick prescription and sends you out the door.

Dr. Lacara delivers more holistic, patient-centered, preventive health care that extends far beyond her office or your annual physical exam. It’s the kind of healthcare that patients can really trust for themselves and their families, whether they need primary care, women’s health care, physician-supervised weight loss or Botox®. It’s the kind of healthcare that treats patients like family and makes life for our patients and their families a little easier.

This is a membership medicine-based practice. The other aspects of your care – referrals, labs and radiology – will be handled as usual and processed through your insurance company. So if you’re looking for more personalized medicine from a compassionate, dedicated primary care physician, talk to Dr. Lacara. She has helped families and people of all ages from Fairfield, Lincoln Park, Little Falls, Montclair, Cedar Grove, Essex Falls, Caldwell, North Caldwell, West Caldwell, Montville, Roseland, Wayne and Verona, NJ.

For additional information, speak with our membership coordinator, Camille, at 973-943-4300 or leave a message for Dr. Lacara at 973-826-0440.

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How We Differ

"Comprehensive Family Medicine Minus the Red Tape"

The doctor patient relationship is the core of the practice. A true partner in your healthcare.

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Personalized Care

From a physician who takes the time to get to know you, by limiting the practice size to a few hundred, we are able to tailor your treatment to you.

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Your own personal physician available 24/7. Contact your doctor when you need in the way that suits you best; text, email or skype. Same or next day visits guaranteed.

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Our Patients Say it Best

Unfortunately, not everyone has you as their doctor. When I leave your office, I know you took the time to thoroughly look in to all scenarios and solutions and the root cause. But besides that, you make me feel like I'm visiting my family and someone who gives a damn. I don't feel like a number. Keep doing what you do and never change. I am blessed/lucky to have you as my doctor.
Tom F

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